Coarse grey salt

sac-gros-sel-gris-1kg FB  350x256TRAD Y SEL grey sea salt can be used for cooking, salting stocks, in traditional dishes such as pot au feu or stews, or for cooking shellfish, pasta or rice.

Because it is a moist salt, it is one of the best available for cooking in a salt crust. This cooking method gives meat or fish an incomparable moistness and brings a delicate flavour when mixed with herbs and spices before cooking.

Grey sea salt is available for retail sale in cardboard boxes with windows containing 500g/1.10 lb. or 1 kg/2.20 lb bags. The boxes are mainly for France, whereas the bags are used in Brittany, where the tradition of grey sea salt is common in gastronomy and culinary habits.

boite-de-gros-sel-500gr 800x700
sac gros sel 1kg 800x900
Item no : G246 Item no: G109
Net weight: 500g/ 1.10 lb Net weight: 1 Kg /2.20 lb
Packs of 24 units Packs of 12 units

In our export range for the USA and Canada, TRAD Y SEL offers a 500 g box and a 1 kg bag, with indication of nutritional facts, a EAN12 gencod and a French/English labelling.

Item no : G0323US Item no : G049US
Net weight: 500g/ 1.10 lb Net weight: 1 Kg/ 2.20 lb
Case of 24 units Case of 12 units

It is this salt category that TRAD Y SEL has chosen for packaging in a biodegradable bag launched in 2008 - an innovation for Guérande salt producers. The bag is entirely biodegradable and compostable.

sac gros sel 1kg emballage eco 800x900
Item no : G154
Net weight: 1 Kg/ 2.20 lb
Case of 12 units

 This innovation enabled TRAD Y SEL to win the FEEF  prize for sustainable development in 2009. TRAD Y  SEL has also worked since that date on the eco-  design of its packaging.

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  Download of the brochure about coarse grey
  salt here.

Coarse dried salt

From coarse grey salt, TRAD Y SEL produces coarse dried salt, which is used as-is or mixed with herbs and spices. TRAD Y SEL uses a low temperature dryer to retain all the chemical properties of the coarse salt. Depending on the salt mill used, you can obtain ground salt with a variable grain size, but always crumbly and fondant.

Coarse dried salt is ready for use and offered as a refill in a box with pourer of 250g/8.82 oz. or a sachet of 500g/1.10 lb., for those who wish to do their own mixes.

Boite-gros-sel-seche-250gr 800x900
sac-gros-sel-sechel-500gr-TRADYSEL 800x700
Dried coarse salt, item no : S178 Dried coarse salt, item no : S161 Smoked Guerande salt, item no. S150
Net weight: 250g/ 8.82 oz Net weight: 500 g/ 1.10 lb Net weight: 25 kg / 50.5 lb
Case of 9 units Case of 15 units Case by one unit

Download of the brochure about dried coarse salt  here.

Ground salt

Once dried, the coarse grey salt is the base for two other products: ground salt and fine salt.
Coarse dried salt is crushed to obtain ground salt. It does not flow and can be used to make homemade bread or other culinary dishes.

This salt is particularly recommended where coarse salt would not have time to melt, or where a regular grain size is required. It is the most suitable product for manufacturers - biscuit and cake making, cooked dishes, cured meats.

French/English labelling EAN12 labelling
Item no : M536 Item no : M056US
Net weight: 1 Kg/ 2.20 lb Net weight: 1 Kg/ 2.20 lb
Case of 10 units Case of 10 units

Download of the brochure about ground salt  here.

Fine table salt

gamme-sel-fin fd-bois 350x233

TRAD Y SEL Guérande fine table salt is made by drying, crushing and sifting coarse salt. Its regular grain size enables it to flow and not form clumps when using a shaker box.
It can be used as a condiment or for final seasoning during cooking. However, it is advised to avoid placing the box near water vapour as the salt may form clumps, in the absence of an anti-caking agent.

For manufacturers, it is particularly good for producing flavoured table salts or mixing with dried herbs or seaweed, or flavourings.

TRAD Y SEL fine table salt is offered in cardboard boxes with shaker lid. This packaging facilitates its use as a condiment.

Download the brochure about fine table salt here.

boite-sel-fin-125gr-basse-def 800x1200
boite-de-sel-fin-250gr 800x1200
Item no : F123 Item no : F116 Item no : F018US
Net weight: 125g/ 4.41 oz. Net weight: 250g/ 8.82 oz Net weight: 250g/ 8.82 oz
Case of 16 units Case of 18 units Case of 18 units

Download of the brochure about the fine table salt  here pdf

Salt powder

During the transformation of grey sea salt, the drying and crushing operations produce another type of salt, destined for manufacturing activities - salt powder.
A by-product of the fine salt production cycle, very little powder is produced. Salt powder is not always recovered by processors, however TRAD Y SEL tries to recover and use all the raw materials purchased.

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