The quality approach

From its creation, quality has been part of the company values.

  • Quality of human relations within the company, with our providers, service providers
  • Quality of service, respect for clients, agreements, payment terms, deliveries
  • Quality of the products purchased and marketed.

From the start of TRAD Y SEL, there was the wish of seven men to share their traditional work of "paludiers" with the largest number of consumers. They wanted to take the same care throughout the product's route from extraction in the "oeillets" to the consumer's table.

At each life stage of these crystals, TRAD Y SEL has implemented specifications detailing the good practices and the company's expectations in terms of harvesting, transportation and storage of the salt.
Continuous improvement to packaging processes is a major challenge for TRAD Y SEL's teams. To analyse the potential risks at each production stage, the company uses the HACCP method.


Traceability is one of the main elements in the quality control process. From the product delivered by the associated salt workers and providers, we find the processes of transformation and packaging. Each production unit is given a batch number, which .
is the basis of TRAD Y SEL's traceability.

With the 4 figures in the code, it is possible to know at any moment :

  • Who packed the salt
  • When the packaging was carried out
  • What quantity was produced
  • Which packaging was used. We can thus go back through the traceability elements to the producers of the boxes, lids, bags, buckets...
  • Where the product was delivered and in what quantity per client
  • The year the raw materials were harvested
  • The name of the salt worker who delivered the raw material for flower of salt

Batch codification enables a precise, efficient monitoring of the stages of transformation and packaging.


The TRAD Y SEL Company is very committed to the quality approach and has already implemented processes for each production stage and carried out internal audits, resulting in the satisfaction of the final consumer. However it does not stop there - the quality of our operations needs to be recognised by international organisations. Therefore, we have started the procedure in 2013 to bring the company to the BRC level of certification. In March 2015 we finally obtained the BRC Certification.

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