Transformation and packaging

TRAD Y SEL has a packaging workshop with a capacity of 35 tonnes / day, comprising four packaging lines. The production tool can fill all types of containers - buckets, bags, boxes (cardboard, PET, plastic) and sacks ranging from 25 g to 25 kg.

ligne-remplissageligne de remplissage Tradysel

ligne-conditionnementligne de conditionnement TradyselThe tool is adapted to the different types of salt sold in France and internationally.

Whatever the product required, the production cycle starts by sorting the raw material.
This is done mechanically for coarse salt (sieving) and manually for flower of salt.

Guérande flower of salt

Trad y sel flower of salt does not undergo any processing between its harvesting and packaging. So the final product is the same as it was when the salt worker ("paludier") harvested it.
Flower of salt is manually sorted to remove any foreign bodies and then packaged.

Gros sel gris de Guérande

The first stage in coarse salt packaging is sifting. This operation aims to mechanically remove any foreign bodies still present in the stored coarse salt.

Very few are collected. The providers are professionals using traditional methods, and are very attentive during harvesting. Occasionally we find small balls of clay from the bed of the oeillet, blades of grass or feathers.

The sifted product continues its route to the packaging position.
If required it is directed to the oven, to be dried, then eventually to the grinder, or another sifting stage.

four-sechage-tradyselAll the stages to bring the salt from the marshes to the consumer's table are carried out on the TRAD Y SEL site, as required.

The TRAD Y SEL Company focuses on limiting the number of operations so as to ensure the maximum authenticity of the finished product. The idea is not to alter the product with excessive drying or mechanical operations which alter the grain.

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