Supply of raw materials

At the end of each year a quantitative and qualitative review is carried out with each salt provider, compared to the annual contract. If they have additional quantities to deliver, or available stocks, they indicate the location.

It is the time to identify the amounts available for the following year depending on the sellers' wishes, the number of "oeillets" under production and the nature of the contract desired by the provider: exclusive or not, fixed or free tonnage...

It is also the occasion to welcome new providers, who receive the producer's specification guide.

TRAD Y SEL buys two categories of salt: Guérande coarse grey salt and Guérande flower of salt.

When salt is delivered by the salt worker or by the transporter to the TRAD Y SEL site in Batz sur Mer, a selection process takes place. This operation is essential.

The controller checks if the quality of the delivered salt is in accordance with the criteria defined by the Company in terms of moisture, cleanliness and colour.
The salt may be refused if not clean enough or if the chromameter reading for colour is below the lower limit fixed by TRAD Y SEL. It is then taken back by the sender who can sell it as downgraded.

The colouration of the salt determines its category (1 or 2), and therefore its price.
TRAD Y SEL is at the origin of the French Fair Agriculture movement, and pays producers at a level which enables them to live from their work.

The transfer of ownership of the salt takes place with the issuing of an invoice, in conformity with the delivery note, and including the weight of salt delivered, its quality, purchase price, and terms of payment.

sel-sous-bacheStockage sous bâcheThe coarse salt produced during the year is never used directly by TRAD Y SEL. It is firstly stored. This enables it to dry naturally. The storage takes place on site, in adjacent storage areas or close to the processing areas. It is placed on a thick plastic sheet to avoid contact with the ground, and covered by another sheet to avoid dirt or other pollution due to animals, birds...or men.

Each pile, called a silo, is only made up of salt from the same harvest year.
During each production run (transformation or packaging), the FIFO (First In First Out) stock management system is applied.

stockage-fleur-tradyselstockage Fleur de selFlower of salt undergoes the same controls as for coarse salt - cleanliness, colour.

Once purchased, it is stored in 'Big Bags' or 'Pal boxes' in the TRAD Y SEL buildings. The reception date, production year and salt worker's name are noted on each container.

Unlike coarse grey salt, the inbound logistics for flower of salt enables us to have a complete traceability from the producer up to delivery to the client.

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