The activity of Trad Y Sel

SITE-STOCKAGE-DU-SELTRAD Y SEL purchases Guérande coarse salt and flower of salt from providers and salt workers.

The salt is stored by TRAD Y SEL on its site, on other sites, or remains stored at the producer. The stock is the most important link in the process, as it guarantees the availability of raw materials, whatever the weather conditions. Adverse conditions may affect harvests for several consecutive years, so it is comfortable, in a normal period, to have a stock equivalent to 2 to 3 years of sales.

Producers/providers are chosen for their skill and professionalism (unlike a cooperative structure which cannot refuse adhesion for subjective criteria). This capacity of choice and exclusion of poor producers ensures regular supplies of a quality product.

stockage-SILO-gros-selThe selected Salt Workers are under a three year contract, and sign a specification document which, combined with their perfect knowledge of the environment, and inspections during harvest, guarantees a quality salt produced in the traditional way.

The raw material is delivered regularly to TRAD Y SEL.
At each delivery, checks are carried out, to ensure the cleanliness of the salt, its colour and moisture level.

Each salt works brings its specific salt characteristics. Each salt worker produces a different raw material, and our controllers can often identify the producer and salt works of the salt inspected, just by looking at it.

stockage-fleurCoarse salt is then stored in a silo for an average of 2 years to allow it to drain, and then be worked and packaged without losing water. It can also be gently, artificially dried to enable its use in salt mills or transformed into fine salt.

Like coarse salt, flower of salt is stored for at least 12 months in a 'Big Bag', then selected in 'Palboxes' with the systematic identification of the producer. It is then packaged without processing or transformation. TRAD Y SEL flower of salt is natural, and guaranteed not to be dried, ground or sieved.

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