The TRAD Y SEL company opened a new way for salt producers, far from the 'collectivist' and 'capitalist' systems which act in the name of Guérande salt. It has always wanted to embody a third system and to be the extension of the agricultural activity of its producers.

We work to ensure that our little world continues, and so that we can live in the only way that has an interest for us - producing salt. The other activities, even if they are necessary, must remain secondary.

Our activity ensures the durability and production continuity for around sixty sites, whilst respecting a thousand-year tradition, which preserves jobs and the biodiversity of the marshes.

In 2009, in keeping with our policy of respecting our employees, we signed an incentive plan based on environmental protection, training, waste and loss reduction, job mobility, safety, quality and customer satisfaction, with all our staff.

As we have access to all the stages from production to the consumers' table, we can reassure consumers with complete transparency, including in the purchase price of the raw materials - coarse salt and flower of salt. This desire has been put into practice by printing the purchase price of the salt from the salt workers on the packaging (boxes, sachets). We initiated the Fair French Agriculture approach to guarantee a decent revenue for the producer, without requiring subsidies.

Following our ethics, the TRAD Y SEL company has never distributed dividends, but reinvests its profits in the company and redistributes a part of them to its employees.

Gwenaël Rio, manager and founder of TRAD Y SEL

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