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Term Definition
Relates to salt production in the salt marshes. 
Wooden or stone building used to store salt, replaces the traditional word of salt “magasin” (store)  
Salt marsh

A dug-out basin near the coast to extract salt from sea water by evaporation

Salt worker

- An agricultural producer who harvests salt in the salt marshes.;

- In the Guérande basin, the person who transports and sells the salt (false sauniers). This is also the name for salt workers on the Island of Ré and Noirmoutier

Salt works

Manmade basins and ponds, circled by an embankment, built from the naturally waterproof clay soils, more or less geometric, in which sea water circulates by gravity, then heats and evaporates naturally to achieve a high concentration leading to crystallisation. 

Salt-tolerating, salt-liking
To like salt, when talking about living organisms which survive in a very salty environment.  

A vast lagoon covered by the sea with the tides, from which sea water is channelled by gravity into the salt works.  

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