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Term Definition
The channel which brings sea water into the salt marshes.

Small channel which enables water to be distributed to the oeillets. 

Complete rebuilding of the bed and bridges of the oeillets, carried out every 20 to 30 years. 
Small prism-shaped pottery vessels, which are designed to collect salt obtained from brine evaporation over a fire. 
Crystallisation pond

Term used by people outside the profession, which is synonymous with “marais” (marsh) used by the salt workers; this is the final pond from which the water doesn’t leave, and where the harvest takes place. These rectangular ponds (7m by 10m), are on a human scale to enable harvesting by hand to take place, of around fifty kilos of salt crystallised during the day. Their number varies depending on the size of the salt works, but they represent around 10%. The greatest care is taken in their preparation. The middle must be very level (we talk about “galoche” or upper part), whilst the edge is a trough of 1-2 cm by 1.5m, to ensure the required volume of water for harvest.  

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