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Term Definition
Operation previously done by women, which consists of removing the salt from the water once it has been collected in front of the ladure, to allow it to drain several hours.  

Institut National des Appellations d’Origine (National Institute for Origin designations) 

A traditional tool used to harvest coarse grey salt, comprises a very long handle fixed perpendicularly to a sharpened wooden plank, called a “maille”.  
Traditional tool (a kind of shovel) made of a handle and a board fixed obliquely.  

Management organisation for a protected designation, who must be representative of the whole profession (producers, processors) and open to all. 

Pick or gather
Harvest flower of salt, manually using a lousse. 
Pile of salt

A pile of salt which drains naturally, and whose name comes from mule, the animal previously used for transport. 


- A small round platform placed in the middle of the largest bridge of the “oeillet” to enable the daily salt harvest to be stored and drained. 

- A platform on the embankment of the salt works to store the salt after harvest. 

Primary pool

A water reserve which supplies the salt works between tides (15 days), the largest part of the salt production site, mostly horizontal with a trough along its edge (“rai”) to allow cleaning. Its surface area may vary, but represents 40% of the salt works. 

Reserve pond
These contain the water reserves for the day; concentration is close to saturation. Their surface reaches 8% of the salt works. The water flows out by a distribution channel (délivre) when the harvest takes place, as regulated by the salt worker.
Rock salt
Salt from salt mines, extracted using mining techniques. 
The company which transports the salt from the producer’s salt works to the storage area. 
Relates to salt production in the salt marshes. 
Wooden or stone building used to store salt, replaces the traditional word of salt “magasin” (store)  
Salt marsh

A dug-out basin near the coast to extract salt from sea water by evaporation

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